Welcome to Arts and Crafts Company

欢迎广大工艺美术公司 - 全球艺术和古董

Global Fine Art 美术    古董 Global Antiques

Arts and Crafts Company currently manage over £40+ Million (GBP) of Global Fine Art and Antiques

private treaty sales inventory online and we are honoured to represent our international clients from the

United Kingdom, Switzerland, Portugal, Tunisia, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Shanghai, Taiwan, Malaysia,

Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa,
Beijing, Canada, India, Egypt, Ukraine, Bulgaria 

and the United States of America - You are invited to join us.

Consign Global Fine Art and Antiques : No Sale = No Fee (10%) : No Buyers Premium.

工艺美术公司 - 亚洲艺术及古董欢迎 - 无销售=无费(10 %)

All Global Fine Art and Antiques enquiries are welcome.
To purchase featured products contact Arts and Crafts Company.
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